Why Buy a Park Home from Hill Corner Farm?

Life at a Hill Corner Farm Park near Farnborough offers stress free living when compared to modern city and town living. Private park living means no through traffic, all in pleasant surroundings. All our park homes are new, within beautifully kept and maintained communal areas.

Park home living brings a real sense of community as we are all like-minded. The thing our owners all have in common is that they’ve chosen to live the life they want! As as you stroll around the park or return from a countryside walk, park home residents are known to stop and chat.

Who Buys a Peaceful Park Home?

Some buyers are close to retiring or already retired and thinking about releasing equity from their homes, in order to buy a park home and a second home abroad.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a Hill Corner Farm Park Home, we believe our Farnborough Park is the perfect location.

Hill Corner Farm Park harks back to a time when neighbours created a community spirit where everyone is welcome.

Taking your first steps...

We hope by the time you’re reading this we’ve enticed you enough. We’re certain you’ve talked it over with your family and are ready to make your first big decision – talking to us. Call 01252 765093 now.


Buyers Guide to Park Home Living in Farnborough:

At Hill Corner Farm Park Homes & Lodges we have a four point Buyers Guide in ensuring you are 100% happy in where and what you are buying:

  1. Location - Always ensure you love the area & the surroundings first. We recommend you visit the park site you’re interested in. Talk to the existing residents and visit the local amenities.
  2. Design & Layout - The way a park looks and feels is often a good indicator to what life will be like. Look out for well maintained areas, the style and the condition of homes on the park. Access and parking facilities is also key to your decisions.
  3. Right Plot - The plot position may be important to you, such as having south facing decking if required, or ample parking.
  4. Park Home Choice - New homes come in a wide range of styles and finishes. Always know what is included in the purchase and the likely monthly or annual costs of running that type of home. This ensures you're 100% happy with how the home will work for you and your family.

Still need help?

Any questions, our expert and friendly helpful team are here to help and advise you. Call 01252 765093 now.